In a recent article in Garden Variety, an online magazine from Moffly Media, professional landscape designer Mark Hicks discusses key improvements that can turn a basic garden into a showplace. A few excerpt are below showing his thoughts on the importance of landscape lighting. A link to the complete article is at the end.

6 tips from a pro to take your garden from mediocre to magnificent.

From his office in New Canaan, Mark Hicks of Elise Landscapes & Nursery conceives some of the most beautiful outdoor spaces in Fairfield and Westchester counties. Since he founded the business in 1983, he’s designed everything from intimate gardens to sprawling estates, winning awards in the process, along with accolades from his clients and peers who champion his work, including landscapes showcased at the annual New Canaan Secret Gardens tour. We asked this design expert for his thoughts on the features that can turn a run-of-the-mill garden into something serenely spectacular.

Landscape Lighting

Hicks is a fan of landscape lighting. “It extends the effects and enjoyment of a garden, at least for as long as you keep lights on. And it’s becoming more sophisticated, with features like low-voltage LED bulbs, which use less electricity and can stand up to rough weather,” he says. Lighting is being used in more non-traditional ways, too. You can put lights in water, in columns and high up in trees, so they shine down and offer a dreamier, more romantic look than traditional uplighting.”

via Garden Variety | Stamford CT.


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  1. Hey mate!

    I was looking for the ideas that would help me to redesign my garden. My friend promised me to redesign my garden when I was hired him. But, the design and plan he chooses, I don’t like much.

    Landscape lighting is the great feature which I can add in my garden too. And yeah!! lighting in water gives a romantic appeal to it 🙂


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