3CNL Well Light (PM3 Series)

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Our 3C line of well lights is the quality standard for this segment of outdoor lighting fixtures. Flush cut well light with Copper locking lamp retaining ring and Stainless Steel hardware, is an excellent choice for wash lighting of walls and up-lighting trees. These in-ground Well Lights are popular with designers for use as the lighting system’s foundation.

  • Design: Flush cut well light with Copper locking lamp retaining ring, and 28 inches of 18/2 lead with quick connectors and stainless steel hardware. Constructed of black Industrial Grade SDR Polyvinyl Chloride composite to withstand heat up to 140°F and has a wall thickness of ¼”+ to maintain the integrity of the shape and avoid warping. Clear polycarbonate lens is the standard option to help keep debris out of fixture housing. Other optional lens cover available in vented or colors.
  • Recommended Bulb: Par36 LED or halogen lamp  (35 watt halogen maximum). Available in wide and very-wide beam patterns.

Picture shown with optional trim ring (Model 3CNL2).